DC electric motors

Dc electric motors diameter 42 standard m42


Stall torque from 0,76Nm to 0,23Nm

The M42 motors are electric motors equipped with noise-suppression filter.

The noise-suppression filter, which is normally made of an LC-circuit, allows the electric motors to be tested in compliance with the EMC directive.

In the technical datasheet it is possible to select the motor shaft and request a special wiring which has to be indicated in the enquiry form.

In the table named “Electrical Data” it is indicate the voltage range of the M42 motors’ applications and a list of the performances for the most commonly used voltage values, 12V ad 24V.

The interactive curve allows to select the required performances by selecting power voltage and no-load speed.



The M42 electric motors are generally applied in

linear actuators and in various automatisms.

Electric data

12 V 24 V
Standard nominal voltage 12 V 24 V
No load speed
N0 [Rpm]
8000÷2500 8000÷2500
No load current
I0 [A]
1.80÷0.60 0.90÷0.30
Nominal speed
Nn [Rpm]
7740÷2240 7479÷1979
Nominal torque
Mn [Nm]
0.02 0.05
Nominal current
In [A]
3.30÷1 2.40÷0.75
Nominal power
Pn [W]
20.20÷5.60 20.20÷5.60
Stall torque
Ms [Nm]
0.76÷0.23 0.76÷0.23
Starting current
Is [A]
47÷4.80 23.50÷2.40
Max power
Pmax [W]
160÷15.20 160÷15.20
Max efficiency
ηmax [%]
78.50÷51.50 78.50÷51.50

Mechanical data

Gear's materials Plastic
Type of duty Depending on application
Weight 0.45

Technical drawing

Dc electric motors diameter 42 standard m42


Select the shaft for your motor :


Set the characteristic curve

The characteristic curve of the DC electric motors is made of a diagram represented in the Cartesian axis based on the values which are inserted, where once can see represented the torque, in [Nm] (axis X); the rotation speed, in [Rpm] (axis y1); the absorbed current, in [A] (axis y2); the efficiency (axis y3).

No-load RPM motor:
Power voltage:

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