Elvi produces DC motors and gear motors as well as special motors

Elvi produces DC motors and gear motors with permanent magnets which since 1977 satisfy the requests of an increasing variety of industrial branches: motors for actuators, motors for door opening systems, motors for the medical industry, motor for the automotive industry, motors for furniture workshops and motors for new emerging industries.

Our values

Production flexibility, constant quality and competitiveness are the 3 values which have made Elvi a reference point during time for companies who look for DC electric motors, DC gear motors with worm-screw gearboxes and adaptable planetary DC gear motors.

Our history

Since 1977 the company has expanded its business in Europe and worldwide in order to be able to answer to the increasing demand of electric motors, both standard and customized, with the reliability guaranteed by the consolidated processes of mass production.

The necessity of adapting to new business needs within a short time has oriented Elvi’s commitment towards the creation of a standard but flexible range of DC electric motors and worm gear motors.

Technical design

Thanks to an internal technical design service and an automated but flexible production cycle, Elvi is the ideal partner for the supply of adaptable standard electric motors (with regards of shaft’s output, cables, flanges) or for the creation of project-based special motors.